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Monday, December 5, 2011

The Rodtnick's hit the beach... and it was cold!

It's finally that time... the time we have been counting down to for a year and a half. We are going to Walt Disney World!!!!! We left North Little Rock around 5:45pm last night and drove all night to get to Jacksonville Beach, Florida. 16 + hours later, we arrived! Kerry stayed up the entire trip and mom and I cat-napped off and on for maybe a total of 2 hours altogether. The kids slept maybe 3 hours the entire ride down.

We were exhausted so we called the hotel and asked if we could check in early and they agreed. We were very grateful b/c we all wanted OUT OF THE VAN! After we checked in to the hotel we headed out to Jacksonville Beach. This was the first time for my girls to ever step foot on a beach, the first time Reece actually was old enough to know and enjoy it, and the first time my mom EVER played in the ocean - and she really played! How exciting is that!?!? We had a great time. Reece loved the ocean and, even though he was freezing cold, he didn't want to get out. The waves were so hard and fast that he was knocked down and got completely soaked. :) After that he hung on to whoever was around him. 

Like I said earlier; this was my mom's first time to play in the ocean and she ended up getting soaked with Reece! The girls loved the thought of the water but it was too cold for them. They played in the sand on the beach and also made tons of sand angels. Kerry hates cold water and decided to hang out with the girls on the beach and I just kind of did both. It was so much fun watching the kids with their new discoveries and having the times of their lives. That's what vacations are for, right?!?!

Sorry there aren't any pics from the beach. I'll have to post them as soon as Kerry gets back. Tonight is Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom, so he stayed to ride all the roller coasters. :) Mom helped me get the kids to our room and now they are all tucked in!


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