The Rodtnick's

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Rodtnick's hit the beach... and it was cold!

It's finally that time... the time we have been counting down to for a year and a half. We are going to Walt Disney World!!!!! We left North Little Rock around 5:45pm last night and drove all night to get to Jacksonville Beach, Florida. 16 + hours later, we arrived! Kerry stayed up the entire trip and mom and I cat-napped off and on for maybe a total of 2 hours altogether. The kids slept maybe 3 hours the entire ride down.

We were exhausted so we called the hotel and asked if we could check in early and they agreed. We were very grateful b/c we all wanted OUT OF THE VAN! After we checked in to the hotel we headed out to Jacksonville Beach. This was the first time for my girls to ever step foot on a beach, the first time Reece actually was old enough to know and enjoy it, and the first time my mom EVER played in the ocean - and she really played! How exciting is that!?!? We had a great time. Reece loved the ocean and, even though he was freezing cold, he didn't want to get out. The waves were so hard and fast that he was knocked down and got completely soaked. :) After that he hung on to whoever was around him. 

Like I said earlier; this was my mom's first time to play in the ocean and she ended up getting soaked with Reece! The girls loved the thought of the water but it was too cold for them. They played in the sand on the beach and also made tons of sand angels. Kerry hates cold water and decided to hang out with the girls on the beach and I just kind of did both. It was so much fun watching the kids with their new discoveries and having the times of their lives. That's what vacations are for, right?!?!

Sorry there aren't any pics from the beach. I'll have to post them as soon as Kerry gets back. Tonight is Magic Hours at Magic Kingdom, so he stayed to ride all the roller coasters. :) Mom helped me get the kids to our room and now they are all tucked in!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet...

So, yesterday Riley was saying the little riddle "Trick or Treat, Smell my feet, Give me Something good to eat." and Reece replied "Momma, there is more to that but it has bad words." I thought for a minute and said "you mean underwear?" and he immediately GASPS! hahaha. So, I continued to tell him underwear wasn't really a bad word but it could be inappropriate at times. So, guess what I heard the rest of the afternoon! "Trick or Treat, Smell my feet, Give me something good to eat. If you don't, I don't care, Ill pull down  your underwear!" Goodness! Dear Lord, please give me a clue as to when I should shut my mouth. :) haha...

So, we took the kids to our church Harvest Festival and then Trick or Treating with some friends. We had a good time and enjoyed the company. Reece was all about Trick or Treating UNTIL we get to a house and a guy opens the door with a crazy, scary mask. He screamed as loud as he could and took off running for me. After that he was not going to the doors without his momma. :) Ally Kate on the other hand could care less if Jason himself answered the door as long as he had candy for her!! Ry she just enjoyed riding in the stroller, which was great to me b/c her dress was to long and she had to have help to walk. I think she really just got frustrated. Here are the pics of my babies from last night.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Kerry and I have been stressed out with our children a LOT. Lately they all seem to be sick or crying pretty much non-stop. It's wearing us thin, but last night we got a huge blessing. While eating supper at church, we were sitting next to two older women of the church. They kept talking to our kids and commenting on how great they were acting. Finally one of them said "they are the best kids I have ever met." and the other lady replied "they are so quiet and respectful." Kerry and I of course just laugh b/c in our heads we are thinking "boy are you all fooled!"

But the truth of the matter is, our kids are great. They are polite, they obey, and know how to respect others. At home things get wild and crazy and, yes, there is normally crying. However, I am so blessed that my children don't act out in public and are, for the most part, respectful of the others around them. So, all this to say I was very thankful we sat beside these ladies b/c God used them to speak to Kerry and I and remind us that we aren't the ones in control and uses others to have us step back and see that. We love our children, unconditionally, and always will. Now, I'm sure my children aren't the best kids they have met and I am sure my children will disrespect an adult one day. But, for the moment, I am going to cherish the compliments they gave us about our sweet, sweet children.

Speaking of my sweet, sweet children. Ally Kate turns 2 on saturday. Its hard to believe I don't have an infant anymore. It's hard for me to except I will probably never have another infant to cuddle and love on that is mine. I am so excited about the little girl God is molding Ally Kate into.


Ally Kate, just a couple weeks old!

Ally Kate's first steps!

Ally Kate TURNS ONE!

Ally Kate ALMOST the big T-W-O!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I have been inspired to start blogging again. Its been a LONG time coming but I am ready.

This week at CHBC is Vacation Bible School. I am directing it this year due to our children's minister had an amazing opportunity to go on a mission trip. Yesterday was kind of chaotic, to say the least. We weren't prepared for all the kids we had. 101 kids total yesterday, 110 kids today. Awesome? YES! I had to go buy more materials for the teachers b/c we had such a great turn out. God is GOOD! I hope and pray that kids keep coming, more and more everyday. BTW... I also have the best teachers and youth helpers I could ask for. When I need help, support, or prayers, they've got my back. :)

About a month ago we went on a family vacation to Branson with Kerry's parents and sister's family. We had a good time, we went to Silver Dollar City a couple days and hung out at the pool allot too. Riley is so dark now... Reece told me she is getting "really brown." haha

I cant get over how fast time goes when you have kids. Reece is 4 and starting Pre-K and Soccer in August. Riley is 20 months old and is almost potty trained. Ally is 8 months old... crawling, talking, and eating some big girl food. People think Ally and Riley are twins all the time. I love that they look so much alike. I love to dress them alike too. They all sleep through the night unless they are sick. We are truly blessed to have such amazing kids. We have really hard times, but I feel that it just brings up closer.

Kerry and I had our 5 year anniversary in May. My mom kept the kids for a couple hours so we could go eat at the Butcher Shop and go shop, shop, shop after supper. :) Kerry keeps busy with work, Rodtnick Media, and being Media Director at church plus church softball for the summer. I keep busy being a mom, trying to keep my house clean, work, and being Preschool Director at church. In august I am starting a new class at work. I am the new Pre-K teacher at work. I am so excited and I know God has so many wonderful things for me to teach these kids next year. So many things have happened in my life so far this year... from becoming Preschool Director in January, to Directing VBS in June/July, to becoming a Pre-K teacher in August. You think God wants me to be around children??!!?? ;)

Here are some pics of my babies. I am going to try to update once a week, lets see how this goes. :)

Reece, Ry and Ally in the kiddie pool at Branson.

Reece, Ry and Ally looking super cute.

Riley isn't much of a water baby... so she wanted to lay out. :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

It's a.... boy or girl???


We found out last Thursday we are having another baby girl. We are all very excited and Reece is actually happy. Although he wanted a boy from the time we found out we were pregnant AGAIN. ha! Kerry and I both thought it would be a boy but honestly this works out b/c Riley and Ally will be so close in age. We surprised our parents by wrapping up balloons and letting them pop out when they open it. (the card above was in both of their presents) They were excited but bummed at the same time b/c they wanted to go to the ultrasound. We have taken them to Reece AND Rileys so we decided we wanted the last one to be more personal and it be just us and the kids. It was sweet and I dont regret it. Oh and did I mention that Kerry picked out her name? Pretty good huh? All the other names he has ever said werent even considered. :) Its exciting though to know he wanted this name.
Our 4th of July was okay... nothing great. We had cookout after cookout. Thursday night Riley wasnt scared of the fireworks but the rest of the weekend she was. So... I sat inside while Kerry and my family shot fireworks friday night. Pretty boring if you ask me. Reece is completely scared of them. He was shaking Thursday night, I felt bad for making him stay outside. Here are some pics of them in their 4th of July outfits. :)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hey, Hey, Hey... its me!!! I can't believe how long its been since I last blogged! Geez, I apologize. Lots have changed in almost 7 months. Where to start...

May 21st, Kerry and I had our 4 year anniversary!! We got to go eat and shop. It was nice and relaxing. We are getting our family pictures taken this saturday... I am super excited. Not about getting my picture taken, but having pictures of my beautiful family. :) The picture we have above our mantel right now doesnt have Riley in it... so I am ready to put one up of ALL of us. Then have to change it AGAIN in 5 months or so. Yes, that means baby #3 is on its way. I am 15 weeks pregnant! Crazy, I know. You dont have to tell me!!! hehehe We decided our anniversary night that we are NOT going to find out the sex of baby #3. Its kind of exciting b/c we have everything for a boy or girl. Reece says its a boy... he said Riley was a girl and was right so we will see on #3. Actaully when people ask him about the new baby he says "its a boy and his name is Colin" however, we dont know and arent going to find out. But yes, if its a boy his name will be Colin Davis.

Reece turned three April 14th. He had a great birthday party at Sunshine Academy in Conway. All the kids seemed to have a ball. He is growing like a weed.

We got him a bunk beds this past weekend. When baby #3 is born he will have to share a room with Riley for awhile so we needed something for them both. Right now he sleeps on the bottom b/c there is no mattress for the top yet and probably will until the baby is born and he is alittle older. We got a great deal on them at a garage sale... never been used.

We had our End of the Year Program/Graduation at CHCDC yesterday. Reece's class sang 'Very Big God, O.' Realized I didnt say Reece AND his class. Yes, my son turned his cry on and screamed and cried NOT to get on stage. Geez... I dont know where he gets that from. The program was GREAT though and all us teachers were very pleased.

Riley will be 7 months old, June 11th. I cant get over how fast she seems to be growing.

She started sitting up around 5 months. Saying "momma" non-stop around 5 months. Saying "Bubba" around 5 1/2 months. Saying "dadda" around 6 1/2 months. I was so excited she said momma first... Reece said Dadda for two months before he ever said Momma. She is a busy bee. She doesnt like to play by herself at all. She thinks her bubba should give her all his attention. She laughs at him all the time. Its sweet and he hams it up even more when she gets tickled (just like his daddy). She goes to the ENT next week. We just finished our 4th round of antibiotics for her and she still has a double ear infection. We are hoping tubes is in her future... close future. Riley will be almost one when baby #3 gets here. I feel bad at times, like she is getting her baby stage taken away to early. But I know God has plans that we dont have a she will turn out fine.

Big Dam Bridge - Sunset

Reece and Lane at Lane's bday party!

Riley in her Easter dress and bonnet.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Riley is here!!!

Sorry it took so long to update about Riley. But, as mom's, you know how little sleep you get with a newborn and I feel like a walking zombie right now. :) We tried to update in the hospital but for some reason the hospital had blogspot blocked, but not facebook or hotmail. It was strange! Anyways, meet RILEY ELAINE...

Reece patiently waiting for Riley... by momma's side. He was watching Dora and SpongeBob.

My First glimpse of Riley... I didnt get this moment with Reece b/c he had troubles.

Our first semi-family photo... we were so relieved!!

Daddy - Daughter bonding time...

She has her daddy's long, skinny fingers.

Born: November 11th @ 11:50am
6lbs, 3oz - 19in
Brown eyes
Brown hair
Beautiful skin tone

She looks just like her big brother Reece and her daddy. However, she is very hairy right now and mom said I looked just like her as a newborn. She favors my baby picture alot but I didnt know this until I was at mom's and Kerry and I both saw my pic on the wall. Crazy! I guess you can say our kids are like perfect mixtures of us. :)

Labor and Delievery went fabulous. I honestly couldnt ask for it to go any better. I was in labor with Reece for 14 1/2 hours... with Riley only 4 hours!!! The only problem I had was I was so swollen that the nurses couldnt reach my veins doing my IV. So I have massive bruises on my arms from them trying. It was a whole lot more painful than the epidural. I had the greatest nurse Charla... she was like a mom in the delivery room. She made everything so easy and smooth. My dr... Dr. Simmons, devoted his day to us in the hospital b/c he was so worried about my pre-eclampsia. He had his appointments at the office but I saw him 3 times before Riley was born in a four hour period. He was wonderful!!!

Reece meeting Riley..

First time meeting her... he was so proud!

Fresh out of the bath...

Her first bottle - Reece got to feed it to her... thats all he wanted to do the whole 37 weeks.

He would just lay on my bed and look at her and talk to her.

Reece happened to be at the hospital b/c he didnt get there until after 10am and Riley was born shortly after that. So, we wanted him to meet her FIRST. Kerry went to get him and they walked in I said "Reece, Rileys here" and his words were "SHE CAME OUT!!" He loves her... he loves to help feed her bottles. He does get jealous at times b/c she requires so much attention. But we notice pretty quickly and do whatever to make him feel special.

He loves to hold her hand and talk to her while we change her diaper... this usually keeps her really calm and not fussy.

We had to stay in the hospital 4 days b/c Riley came down with Jaundice. Her pediatrician was worried about her b/c she was so tiny and wanted her under hospital equipment to help get her jaundice count down. So, Riley had to stay in an incubator for 24 hours. We couldnt take her out at all, other than to feed and change diapers. It was so hard on me b/c she just screamed the whole time. We finally had to send her to the nursery b/c I couldnt let her stay in there crying. It made me cry. Needless to say after 24 hours the doctor released us to go home and we jetted out of there.

Riley in her incubator after she adjusted to it.

Holding her paci in...

Riley has reflux pretty bad... regular enfamil makes her stomach cramp so she got put on Nutramagin. Its $27.00 for a small can of formula. However, my milk finally came in enough that I have been able to keep up with her for now. Pray that it continues to do so, b/c we cant afford the formula she would have to be on.
Riley on her changing table.

Our favorite picture of her.

She turned 12 days old today. She is growing... but she is still very tiny. 6lbs is little!!! Im curious to see how much she has gained at her appointment tuesday. Im gonna do a post later this week to compare Riley and Reece's newborn pictures. They are almost identical... except Reece had/has chunky thighs and a round booty. hehe. Ok, well this is enough for now. I promise to update more now... ill have kerry keep me accountable.
Asleep in our bed, she looks so tiny!

All the pictures below are when Riley was 11 days old.

We have a picture of Reece like this when he was 11 days old so we wanted one of Riley too.
She's facing the opposite direction of Reece.